Bill Waites is the founder of Compupak and an independent management
consultant with 40+ years of experience providing business and forensics expert
witness solutions.   I utilize cognitive skills to analyze and dissect case evidence,
identify the meaningful forensics evidence, and communicate conclusions.  
Reports and testimony are prepared for lay people, technical people, and
executives. I am located in Texas and have no geographical boundaries.

My legal consulting expertise draws on years of software product development
and hardware development, project manage software development life cycle,
contract deliverables and analysis,  marketing and sales, business operations,
outsourcing, company start-ups, business process management, and executive
experience. My consulting and employment engagements include business
methods design, business process reengineering, software development and
customer testing, project management, implementing Information Technology
driven business solutions, data warehouses, internet, email fraud, financial loans
and analysis,  and business engineering and analyses.

Included in my career as a unique forensics expert witness are patent
infringement and invalidity, defending against patent trolls, software product
development and enhancements,  business methods, insurance coverage,
business processes design, commercial litigation, computers, contract
deliverables analysis and breach, software licenses, project management,
workflow, e-discovery, e-recovery, Internet, emails, telecommunications,
complex technology, and other disciplines among my 30+ cases.
Many software cases center on Software Development Life Cycle and project
management failure. I have seen many instances where neither plaintiff nor
defendant recognizes the key elements of the dispute.

Among my attorney clients are Locke, Lord; Kane, Russell; James Arnold;
Cooley, Godward; Latham, Watkins; Kelly, Hart; Naman Howell; Smith, Vitullo;
Strasburger and Price. My cases include testimony and consulting for cases in
the U.S. District Courts for the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts of TX,
CA, and NY.

Before practicing as a forensic expert witness I was with IBM for 17 years as a
software product developer, project manager, and in marketing; positions with
leading IT and software companies; executive experience with entrepreneurial
companies; authoring entrepreneurial product evaluations for various stock
exchanges; and cross industry assignments in such industries as
manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, software, public sector, financial, energy,
distribution, retail, healthcare, CAD/CAM, automation, and logistics.
My employers and clients include Oracle, Computer Associates, Cullinet
Software Systems, General Dynamics, Boeing, BT Systems, Computer Sciences,
Verizon, DOD, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Federal Insurance, EDS, and Texas State

Experiences as both a customer and a vendor gives me unique insights in
understanding and analyzing evidence for testimony and reports.  The web
pages in this site show some work experience knowledge that I utilize for case
analysis in my expert witness practice.

My methodology:
Gather information and data from client personnel and from documentation.
Analyze information and data for forensics evidence to be presented in
testimony and reports.
Use the available evidence to determine the real essence of the case.
Compare contract defined deliverables with what was delivered.
Compare promised dates with actual dates.
Construct “Infringement” and “Prior Art” matrices (charts) with analysis for
patent cases and define business method.
Construct “Complaint” and analysis matrices for other cases.
Prepare Testimony around the essence of the case.
Construct and Present Report focusing on the forensics of the essence of the

I am also an independent oil lease owner and operator.  That keeps me grounded
in the commercial world.

MBA (MMS designated), Texas Christian University
BS General Engineering with Math Major, Lamar University
Adjunct Faculty, University of Texas at Arlington – Business Capstone course
Policy and Strategy, Human Resource Management, Labor Relations, and
Principles of Management

Examples of Cases:
  State District Court appointed E-discovery and E-forensics expert for
recovery of deleted data, files, and email by data mining multiple disks of
approximately a terabyte of storage.
   Expert for defendant in “CEO Email Fraud” so named by the FBI.  Suit was a
computer fraud claim against an insurance company and was filed in U.S.
Southern District in Texas.
  Patent multiple cases for infringement and prior art analysis of business
processes and software.
   Health Care Joint Software Development of a Hospital Logistics system for
driving business methods. Dispute involved functionality, financial, project
management, and schedule completion.
   Health Care Software/Project Management dispute for development of a
clinic system and claims processing.  Large amount of evidence to be analyzed
for forensics report.
  Logistics warehouse, inventory, transportation, and import/export software
system contract analysis of content and deliverables.
  Contract Deliverables analysis and examination of contract, functionality and
evaluation of Supply Chain Management software product.
   Patent infringement and prior art analysis of hardware and software of an
automation process for chip manufacturing (CAD/CAM).
 Hardware and software contract dispute between a software product vendor
and an automobile dealer.
  Patent infringement for multiple cases of software functionality and software
  Patent software and hardware infringement and prior art of networked cash
handling and storage devices for driving business methods
  Patent infringement and prior art analysis involving electronic computer
driven (SCADA application) devices.
  Trademark infringement of online courses.
  Contract Deliverables and execution analysis of major Outsourcing contract.
  Contract Deliverables analysis and examination of project management for
data analysis, Extract, Transform and Load contract for data warehouses.  
   Economic analysis and appraisal of an Integrated Access Device hardware
and software.
  Extensive analysis of Internet networking and characteristics to trace
communications paths and determine transmission times of messages.
  E-Discovery search and analysis for data transferred to external devices
  E-discovery for the recovery of erased data of a multi-national conglomerate.
  Extensive analysis of Internet networking and characteristics to trace
communications paths and determine transmission times of messages.

Electronic Discovery Roundtable
E-Recovery Tool: Improved Processes for Online Review and Production
Electronic Production and Government Agencies
Legal Arguments and Strategies: Requesting and Producing Electronic Evidence

Certificate Work Process Mapping University of Texas at Austin
Certificate Legal Aspects of Contracts University of Texas at Arlington
Certificate Marketing - University of Texas at Arlington
Certificate Use Case Analysis and Requirements Definition University of Texas at

CLE/PDU Park University:
Certificate Fundamentals of Project Management
Certificate Project Management Workshop
Certificate Project Management Advanced
Certificate Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Deadlines
Certificate Developing Emotional Intelligence
Certificate Professional Communication: What Message Are You Sending
Certificate Leadership, Team-Building and Coaching Skills for Managers and
Certificate how to Read, Interpret and Troubleshoot Contracts
Certificate Dealing with Difficult People
Certificate Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial People
Certificate Excel Basics
Certificate Excel Beyond the Basics

Bill Waites, Forensic Expert Witness & Consultant
Patents Infringement and Invalidity, Project Management
, Software
Development  Life Cycle,  Information Technology Driven Business
Solutions, Business Processes and Methods, IT Applications, Contract
Deliverables and Breach, Complex Commercial Litigation, Commercial
Transactions,Computers, CAD/CAM, Sensor Based Automated
Systems, Internet, Email, E-Discovery, Industry Business Applications,
Outsourcing, Radio Frequency Identification – RFID chips, Email
Fraud, Insurance Fraud
Fort Worth, TX
Office 817-738-3729