Bill Waites, Forensic Expert Witness & Consultant
Patents, Software Development Project Management, Information
Technology, Business Processes and Methods, Software, IT
Applications, Contract Deliverables and Breach, Complex Commercial
Litigation, Commercial Transactions,Computers, CAD/CAM, Sensor
Based Automated Systems, Internet, Email, E-Discovery, Industry
Business Applications, Outsourcing, Radio Frequency Identification –
RFID chips

Business Process
Program and Project

Business Plans Product
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Bill Waites is an Information Technology expert witness and consultant with over
40 years of experience working in the IT software and/or hardware driven
business solutions field.  

Before my practice as an expert, I either contracted with or was employed by IBM,
Verizon, Oracle, Computer Sciences Outsourcing and Consulting, General
Dynamics, DOD, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Engagements have included
industry applications and IT driven business methods, and an author of
entrepreneurial companies' product and market evaluations for various stock
exchanges. I have designed systems for RFID devices and RFID on cards.

I have also worked in field operations, product marketing, management, and
executive.  A great benefit of having a development and business solutions
background helps me in both commercial litigation and patent litigation.

What sets me apart as a unique technology expert?   Most technologists focus on
the technology.  What I do is focus not only on the technology, I also focus on the
business purpose of the technology and find the answers to the questions -  What
is the purpose of the patent, the software, the contract, the business method, or
the physical process?  What is the technology, the purpose of the technology,
and the business application of the technology?  What is the business purpose of
the patent,  of the software, of the contract deliverables?  What do the elements of
the claims separately perform and what do they perform as a group?  The
nomenclature of the patents’ compared elements may be different, but the
performance is equivalent.  So the elements have some equivalency.  Find it. What
are the different business processes that are affected by the software?  Interview
the operations employees.   Build the forensic evidence.  The analysis and
discovery of forensic evidence is so much more complete by understanding the
business purpose and processes than by just understanding the technology.

I communicate with lay people, technologists, management, and executives.  I
testify in my every day conversational manner.

I had the good fortune to be a services provider and a customer so I have been on
both sides and understand both in-house products, vendor products, and
outsource services. Being both a provider and a customer gives me some unique

The past 14 years I have practiced in 30+ cases as an expert witness.  These
cases include business processes and methods, information technology, patent
infringement and invalidity, patent trolls, software development, business
applications, computers, contract deliverables and breach, commercial litigation,
e-discovery, CAD/CAM automated chip manufacturing, sensor based systems,
internet, project management, and outsourcing.

My attorney clients include Locke, Lord; Kane, Russell; James Arnold; Cooley,
Godward; Latham Watkins; and Kelly, Hart.

I have been an expert witness and consultant in the U.S. District Courts for the
Northern and Eastern Districts of TX, CA, and NY.

I am an independent oil producer and oil lease operator that keeps me in touch
with the commercial world.  I taught as an adjunct faculty member the Business
capstone course "Policy and Strategy" at the University of Texas at Arlington.